she doesn't get enough (monstermeow) wrote in weirdowatchers,
she doesn't get enough

first post yay!

here is my little weirdo encounter that caused me to create this community. (posted a while back in wtf_inc

My friend is obsessed with this guy she hasn't spoken to in a year, and last week she found out he's getting married. So instead of doing something normal like calling him to get some kind of closure, she put together a package of impotence herbs (he told her a long time ago that he has trouble) that she bought in Vietnam for him, photos of herself, and instructions 'not to overdo it or you'll be tired in the morning', and she left it in his mailbox. She was like 'Oh I hope his wife doesn't see teehee'. She's not a teenager, she's 32... I was wondering if she's balanced.

^ Update to that: he came into her club one day and told her friend that she's crazy. When I heard that, I laughed, and she asked me, totally serious, "Why would he say that though??? Why are you laughing???"

...ok, I'm done. welcome to the community, you're next! :D
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