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post, dudez!

Hasn't anyone had any weirdo encounters lately? :(

Let me dig up an old weirdish story about my mother. Last year I was vaccuming the house, and noticed a dead (or so I thought) stinkbug lying near the window. I sucked it up without giving another thought about it... but then,,, the strong stench of stinkbug suddenly burst out of the vaccum cleaner... so I realised it must have been alive (I felt kind of bad then). When I went to report to my mom about it, her eyes nearly popped out of her head with horror. .. Apparently she'd been "keeping it as a pet" and had gotten really attached to it, she'd eveb named it (Kamechan). She went into great detail about the "joyful encounter" (her words) she'd had with it when she found it in her pot plant, and how she'd wanted to nurture it until springtime; how much she'd been looking forward to the day when she could "release Kamechan outside to fly away in the warm sunny sky". She was devastated, and *literally* had tears in her eyes.

So, we ended up emptying out the vaccum cleaner and going through the dust/dirty stuff trying to find the damn Kamechan. We spent half an hour looking for it, and it never appeared. I think it got blended up in the cleaner or something.

funny thing is, the next time I found a (live) stinkbug, she didn't seem all that interested in it. I even had to remind her about the Kamechan episode because she'd forgotten about it. My mother is very fickle, or she has ADD.
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