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weirdowatchers's Journal

Weirdos all around us
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This is a community where you can discuss abnormal behavior you've witnessed. Friends with whacky habits; strangers doing things you're not sure how to interpret; family members who've just gone and done something WTF. Anecdotes and 'I heard from a friend of a friend...' posts are welcome too, as long as they have some credibility! Don't make up bullshit just to try and shock us; it's funny because it really happened. :)

Anything strange is welcome, but keep the posts centred around weirdo sightings... in other words, talk about weirdos OTHER than yourself. No posts bragging (?) about how strange and abnormal YOU are (there are other communities for that sort of thing).

Weird behaviour can be irritating. But please remember that THIS IS NOT A RANT COMMUNITY! Ranting and venting is totally not encouraged, man. We are here because we want to gently observe and analyse these interesting, fascinating creatures called weirdos that walk among us.

I made this community because of a weirdo incident that made me go WTF!, but I thought it wasn't really appropriate for wtf_inc, and I couldn't find another community that's based around weirdos (not Stupid People.... Weirdos. There is a definite difference.) I don't know how well it'll be received or if we'll need more rules in the future, but for now, that's it..... have fun weirdowatchers!