Twilight_Fury (atomic_seamonki) wrote in weirdowatchers,


Weirdos watching weirdos! I love it.

One of my co-workers is a strange one. He doesn't talk to *anybody*...when you go to ask him something pertaining to work, he looks at you with this frightened look on his face.
I befriended him at one point, because what can I say, weirdos are entertaining, right? i wanted to see if he was Jeffrey Dahmer under there or what. Well...i dunno, but we just talked AS FRIENDS then supposedly his wife started emailing me about how much she hates him and how much she suffers because he's a liar. he told me once she made him dress up in girl clothes during sex.
anyways, after a couple of weird emails i realized that: HE was emailing me as HER because he must be a sub, and therefore pretends to be her emailing me so that i wouldn't be friends anymore with him because he hates himself...though loves the pain. he's also a captain in the U.S. army, folks. he wen't so far to use his email there to email as his wife. he never confessed. i wrote back to whomever wrote to me and harrassed me that i was going to get a hold of their co and report it so that no only would he get disciplined but SHE would be as well, because spouses of GI's are held accountable for issues of this nature as well.

i mean...for months we would email and talk about different stuff like astronomy and the civil war (i'm a civil war buff)...ya know, things that nerds have in common. but then boom i get these emails that supposedly are from 'her'.

oh one time while he and his wife were sitting eating lunch at the work cafeteria, someone said a passing hello to him, and his wife surreptitiously clutched his arm and made him sit even closer to her.

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